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GlobalShopex International E-Commerce Partners and Plug-Ins

International e-commerce partners and ecommerce platforms to sell from USA to more than 200 countries.

GlobalShopex has partnerships with many of the top ecommerce platforms in the industry. For several, we have simple plug-in's and/or fast integrations available. Below you will find some of the platforms we work with on a regular basis. We can also easily integrate into your home-grown platform as well as many others. Contact us and an experienced sales executive will discuss with you how to open up and expand your sales worldwide!

GlobalShopex Logistic partners

  • British Airways
  • Air China
  • DHL
  • Virgin
  • Air Canada
  • eShopex
  • American Airlines

Memo from DHL Global Mail to its customers (sellers and owners of internet WebPages)

Recommended Terms and Conditions: The following is a recommendation of the terms and conditions for the transportation services and the connected brokerage services which we recommend are included in the Customer,s website and acknowledged by Customer,s end consumers at the time of checkout. This is not a comprehensive list of terms and conditions:

By ordering goods from eTailer/ supplier destined to EU-member states specifically, services will be provided to you only after you explicitly agree to become Importer of Record ("IOR") and as such customs clearance shall be made in your name and on your behalf. As IOR, you agree to be ultimately responsible for importing the products ordered by you into the destination EU-member state and are solely responsible for the payment of duties, and taxes either at the time of sale if prepayment is selected or at the time of importation if prepayment is not selected. You hereby give a proxy or power of attorney ("POA") to eTailer/ supplier,s designated shipping provider for the customs clearance of products ordered by you. This POA authorizes eTailer/ supplier,s designated shipping provider,s assigned customs broker to act on behalf of you. eTailer/ supplier,s designated shipping provider,s intervention with respect to customs formalities may be done by a customs agent assigned by eTailer/ supplier,s designated shipping provider on your behalf. You hereby acknowledge to have understood the concept of IOR and the need of the POA and further state that the terms of the POA or terms of the purchase from eTailer/ supplier and transportation conditions from eTailer/ supplier,s designated shipping provider are not unreasonable or unknown to you, that you have read them, understood them and further have agreed to them