B2B API solution
List US merchant and distributor products
in International marketplaces and distributors sites

  • Create demand through International Marketplaces
  • Increase International sales without the need of inventories outside the US
  • Cheaper, shorter, faster, smarter and safer Logistics

Cross Border Marketplace

Integrate with local marketplaces in the defined global regions with specialized offer from GSX Merchants, US Marketplaces, distributors and Brands.

Cross Border B2B

Integrate with localized B2B channels through their eCommerce, providing a white label Marketplace or sales platform solution offering product catalog aggregated from Merchants, Distributors, Brands and global Marketplaces.

International Trading

We buy products on international customers behalf and ship to any international destination

  • Office & School Supplies
  • Medical Supplies
  • MRO (maintenance, repair & operations)
  • Industrial
  • Technology & Accessories

Marketplace Solution:

  • Build catalog with multiple US suppliers
  • GSX integrates and offers catalog through multiple Marketplaces
  • End customer places an order in Market Place, GSX places in supplier
  • Marketplace charges to the end consumer and pays GSX
  • GSX Pays the supplier
  • GSX ships it to end consumer, taking care of logistics and customs

B2B Solution:

  • Build catalog with multiple suppliers for each specific vertical
  • GSX integrates and offers catalog through B2B Channel
  • GSX offers integration or White Label for end user & sales team
  • GSX ships it to end consumer or B2B Channel warehouse
  • B2B Channels charges end customer & pays GSX, GSX pays supplier